New Red Band Clip From The Ugly Truth

Gerard Butler makes Katherine Heigl sexy

New Red Band Clip From The Ugly Truth

by Emily Phillips |
Published on

If you need tips on how to make yourself emminently shaggable, there really is only one man to consult: Gerard Butler, master of war cries and gangland heists, and now battle-of-the-sexes comedy, wherein he gives Katherine Heigl a taste of The Ugly Truth. Check out The Ugly Truth clip here.

In this brand new red band peek, Butler's chauvenistic reporter Mike takes TV morning show producer Abby (Heigl) out to the shops to give her a few pearls of wisdom on attracting men.

Yes that is right ladies: get some tight jeans, a proper push 'em up (in his face) bra and for god's sake, lose the ponytail! Feminism, this is not. The Ugly Truth is in cinemas from August 7.

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