New Moon Wolf Pack Featurette

Meet the shapeshifters...

New Moon Wolf Pack Featurette

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

How much you enjoy this clip may depend on your tolerance of six-pack abs at this time in the morning, but there's a new featurette online for The Twilight Saga: New Moon that gives you a little bit of background on some of this sequel's most important new characters, the Wolf Pack. Check it out over at MSN.

Yes, it's a bunch of Native American dudes who can turn into wolves at will (ahem, whatever the featurette calls 'em, they're not strictly werewolves in the books because they don't need a full moon, but let's not nitpick). And yes, that's Taylor Lautner's Jacob caught in between the wolves and Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan, with the wolves aligning themselves against the vampiric Cullens.

New Moon is out on November 20 - and remember to pay attention to this clip, gentlemen. Your girlfriend will expect you to dress as one of these guys next week.

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