New King Kong Film Coming

Spirit plans prequel for giant ape

New King Kong Film Coming

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

A new King Kong could be headed to our screens, in the wake of one 1930s classic and two remakes. But this time, instead of one giant ape finding that gorillas prefer blondes, it's the story of Kong's rise to pre-eminence on Skull Island, based on the book Kong: King of Skull Island.

The book, by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland, was published around the time of Peter Jackson's take on the story, tells the story of King Kong fighting off the threat of dinosaurs and other giant apes to become the true King, giving us the sort of fights that other Kong films only hinted at.

Whether there'll be a way in to the story for audiences without clueless Westerners running in screaming remains to be seen, but certainly the prospect of Kong smashing is a juicy one.

Spirit Pictures is making the story, originally developed by effects legend Ray Harryhausen, using Robert Zemeckis-style performance capture technology. They're also working on the wonderfully boy's own sounding War Eagles, which sees an ace pilot crashland in the Arctic and discover a lost civilisation. That was also something that Harryhausen worked on, with Kong creator Merrion Cooper, waaay back. Both please, with a side of extra monsters.

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