New Joker Viral Site

What is this strange game?

New Joker Viral Site

by Olly Richards |
Published on

If you've ventured over to, the viral site for The Dark Knight, recently, you will have seen a pumpkin containing a candle that has been slowly melting away. That pumpkin has now disappeared and been replaced by another little game in The Joker's twisted promotional scheme.

We think this might be one only for those in America, or those who are so Joker obsessed as to be willing to hop on a plane immediately. We're guessing that each of the letters that have been cut out are from signs on bars or shops within each of the towns mentioned. Who knows what might be revealed when all the relevant photos have been submitted, but we guess it might be something to do with two face, since one side of the face of the pumpkin was starting to rot. If anyone has any better idea, please post away.

Anyway, stay tuned to Empire and to whysoserious to see what happens next. Oooh, exciting!

UPDATE: As some users have posted below, the final message is "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules". The letters are made up of photos taken at each of the places directed in the clues on the black and white pictures. At time of update (17.10) not all the letters are in place, so the picture beneath – which seems to be what we're going to see – has not been revealed. It should be done by tomorrow morning latest. Stay tuned for updates.

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