New Inception Stills Online

Fresh shots of Chris Nolan's thriller

New Inception Stills Online

by James White |
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Even as he kicks off the slog of promoting his latest film – existential heist thriller Inception – Christopher Nolan is clearly trying to keep as much as he can under wraps like an old-school promoter who knows that having us all guessing what his film is finally about will make us want to see it more than showing off every good bit in trailers or laying it out in interviews.

The LA Timesgot a chance to talk to Nolan and his cast and while they’re saying a little bit more as the film approaches, it’s clear that everyone is on the same track as the director, either because they want to preserve the mystery... Or they’re still trying to figure it out.

![Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan on the set of Inception]

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"Complex and ambiguous are the perfect way to describe the story," Leonardo DiCaprio says. "And it's going to be a challenge to ultimately pull it off. But that is what Chris Nolan specializes in. He has been able to convey really complex narratives that work on a multitude of different layers... And make it entertaining and engaging throughout. You look at Insomnia or Memento, these movies are working on so many different levels. That's his expertise; it's what he does best, as a matter of fact."

And now there are some new shots of the movie online – which you can see by clicking the image above.

Inception finally arrives on 16 July, which right now feels like an ice age away.

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