New Human Centipede Poster Online

Update: Now with added trailer!

New Human Centipede Poster Online

by Owen Williams |
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UPDATE: The theatrical trailer (not safe for work, obviously) has just gone up at Yahoo! Movies, proudly trumpeting that it's "Banned in the UK"! Not strictly true, actually; it's been denied a certificate, which isn't quite the same thing...

The BBFC's decision to deny Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence a certificate under any circumstances means we won't be seeing it in the UK anytime soon. But yesterday marked its debut at Fantastic Fest in Texas, and to herald the auspicious occasion, here's a new poster. It's a bit Giger, a bit Se7en's opening credits, and almost quite tasteful, until you look a bit closer...

The surprisingly un-sinister director Tom Six is still on the warpath about the BBFC's decision. "My first reaction was that it was brilliant", Six told Empire at Big Screen, "but I've had enough now, and I just want people to see the film."

His main beef is that he believes the BBFC have misrepresented the movie. "They say it's about a man who is sexually obsessed by the first film," he explains, "but he's just obsessed. The sexual aspect of it is so small in the story, and it's been blown up out of all proportion. The few people who've seen it so far have all agreed with me. I'm very sad, because there's so much black humour in my films. Britain is the country that gave us Monty Python, and so many people if they saw the film would laugh their asses off, because it's just so grotesque. I can see that they might ask me for cuts, but to say that it's un-cuttable and that it's* illegal* to watch it here is just way over the top!"

Undeterred, he's already planning Final Sequence, which will shoot at the start of next year. "In the end, the three films can be attached to each other like the centipede," he promises. "Each film is very different from the previous one. Full Sequence is completely different to First Sequence, and Final Sequence will be totally different from both the others. I'm not telling you how; you have to find out. In space? I won't say!"

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