New Hardcore Henry trailer reveals Tim Roth cameo

Tim Roth in Hardcore Henry

by Owen Williams |
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Previously titled simply Hardcore, the newly monikered Hardcore Henry has a new trailer online. And while this cat's already out of the bag thanks to festival screenings at the likes of TIFF, the new clip reveals that Tim Roth is part of the cast, though you won't currently find him listed on the film's official website or the IMDb. Sharlto Copley is the other major name who's gamely volunteered to be upstaged by the film's unique POV Go-Pro style. Ilya Naishuller is the director, and here's the onslaught he's come up with.

Hardcore Henry, the movie equivalent of a first-person shooter, is the tall tale of the titular cyborg, brought back from the dead by his scientist wife Estelle (Haley Bennett). He’s soon under attack from the goons of Danila Kozlovsky’s Akan, who kidnaps Estelle as part of his megalomaniacal plan. And Henry will have to get her back while battling a seemingly endless army of mercenaries through the unfamiliar city of Moscow. His only possibly ally is the quirky Jimmy (Copley), who will try to guide him on this mission.

Writer/director/punk rocker Naishuller's short film Bad Motherfucker (see below) caught the eye of Timur Bekmambetov and landed him a deal to make a movie. Hardcore Henry is the result, and arrives in the UK on April 8.

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