New Casa De Mi Padre Teaser Online

Will Ferrell Is Armando Alvarez!

New Casa De Mi Padre Teaser Online

by Owen Williams |
Published on

What next for Will Ferrell? Why, a Spanish-language Western, of course! There was a full trailer for **Casa De Mi Padre floating around several months ago, but the marketing department have now started from scratch and released this teaser. Dios mio!

The straight-faced drama (ahem) involves Ferrell's Armando Alvarez, who's been running the ranch of his father for many years, but in recent times without much success. When his younger brother Raul (Diego Luna) shows up promising the benefits of his business expertise, things start looking up for Armando. But then there's an unfortunate love triangle between the two brothers and Raul's fiancee Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez), and it turns out that Raul has some rather dodgy business contacts, not least of whom is Gael Garcia Bernal's terrifying gangster Onza.

Western action melded with Spanish soap opera obviously tempted Ferrell and his Funny Or Die cohort/director Matt Piedmont into a filmic thesis on hypertextuality and mimesis, but what they've actually ended up with is a lot of very silly nonsense. Hoorah! We're promised passion, adventure, intrigue, betrayal, sex, danger, romance, guns, cigarettes, special effects and slaps, and the whole ridiculous shebang is released, in the US at least, on March 16.

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