Skeleton Keys? Ben Mendelsohn returns in new Bloodline season 2 trailer


by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

The first season of Bloodline was a quiet gem, an edgy little fable in which Shakespearean themes – family, loyalty, betrayal and murder – played out alongside the gently lapping tides of the Florida Keys. Fans have been rewarded with a second season. Netflix has it ready to air in a couple of months and offers a new trailer and a taster for the 10-episode run.

Keeping things oblique for those who have yet to discover the show, the trailer retreads a portion of season 1 in which Ben Mendelsohn’s prodigal son Danny Rayburn returned to the bosom of his family only to find absolutely nobody throwing a party for him.

Judging by what's on display here, many of those family secrets are still to be revealed and the scars of past wounds remain vivid: Danny’s brothers John (Kyle Chandler) and Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz), sister Meg (Linda Cardellini) and the family’s proud matriarch Sally (Sissy Spacek) seem to be up their necks in shady characters and lowlifes.

Amongst them are Andrea Riseborough's Evangeline, a streetwise and unpredictable character from Danny's past, and John Leguizamo's violent Ozzy Delvecchio, yet another unwelcome face from Rayburn history.

Not so much "Netflix and chill" as "Netflix and kill", then? Find out when Bloodline season 2 launches on May 27.

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