New Bee Movie Trailer Online

And this one's all 'toon, all the time

New Bee Movie Trailer Online

by empire |
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We've already seen several trailers for the Jerry Seinfeld cartoon Bee Movie, but to date we've seen very little of your actual animation. We've loved the Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Steven Spielberg making the movie as if it's live-action teasers, but today we get a welcome first full glimpse of the movie in its pixelated form, here, and it's, well, promising.

The animation has a nice glowy, candy-coloured thing working as we see Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld) flee is hive home to search the big wide world. But it's a given that animated movies look stunning nowadays and we've been so spoiled that even the realness of that tennis ball (so fuzzy!) doesn't stop us anymore. The good news is that, after a slow start early in the trailer, the comedy looks interesting.

It's probably tricky to translate Seinfeld's slow, subtle comedy stylings into 4-second clips to jam into a trailer, so it's a little light on laughs until we get to that little exchange between Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger (voicing a human Barry chats with) talking about Tivo. That's more the Seinfeld we know. Lots of that please, Dreamworks. We'd also like the live-action version too. Thanks awfully.

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