New Angel Has Fallen Trailer Sees Gerard Butler On The Run

Angel Has Fallen

by James White |
Published on

Oh, Mike Banning... Gerard Butler's Secret Service agent from Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen never seems to have an easy day. Someone always wants to take out the President, and in the latest instalment, Angel Has Fallen, the eye of suspicion falls a little closer to home than usual. Check out the new, international trailer, which offers some fresh footage.

This time around, the President is Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), who is the subject of – surprise! – an assassination attempt. Mike unwittingly becomes the prime suspect despite clearly having saved Trumbull's life.

Now, as one of the most wanted men in the country, Banning must evade his own people and track down who is truly responsible for trying to murder the Commander in Chief. And he'll need help from an unexpected, complicated ally – his own dad (Nick Nolte).

Can Mike clear his name and save the day again? Will there be time for a game of "fuck off" with the bad guy going first? These are questions to which we need answers! The film should provide those when it arrives on 21 August.

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