New Alien: Covenant Prologue Catches Up With Elizabeth Shaw And David

Alien: Covenant Prometheus Prologue

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With the film just a couple of weeks away, we weren't sure there were many surprises left from Alien: Covenant to be revealed. But 20th Century Fox took the opportunity of Alien Day to finally answer one of the bigger questions about the movie: how do Noomi Rapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender's synthetic David from Prometheus factor in? Check them out in a new prologue short.

Of course, it might have been nice for this to be held back for the movie itself, but at least we get to watch the piece instead of seeing it reported on a hundred times by social media movie watchers. And it doesn't completely answer the question of how David and Shaw might end up interacting with the Covenant characters, if indeed they do.

This mini-movie finds Dr. Shaw helpfully repairing David (after everything he did! Generous) and the pair somehow figuring out the complicated Engineer ship, returning it to the creatures' home world in the hopes of some more answers. Since it takes place in the time after Prometheus but just before Covenant begins, we'll have to wait and see how the duo ties into the new movie's story.

Covenant, meanwhile finds the likes of Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Amy Seimetz and more aboard a colony ship headed for a remote planet, a place that the crew initially thinks is an uncharted paradise ripe for terraforming, but turns out to be dark and full of things that are more on the terror-forming level.

Alien: Covenant will be out in the UK on 12 May. But for much more about the film, check out the current issue of Empire, which now also comes in a special VR edition you can read more about here.

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