Netflix Plans New Tiger King Series About Siegfried And Roy

Siegfried and Roy

by James White |
Published on

While the pop culture fizzing around Netflix's Tiger King may have reached the burnout stage where people don't want to hear about it or are more focused on the horrendous treatment of the animals rather than the wacky personalities, the streaming service is looking to keep it going. The title, at least, which would become an umbrella of sorts for documentary series from directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, this time potentially focused on big cat wrangler/performers Siegfried and Roy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Tiger team is digging into the duo's treatment of their big cats, used in shows particularly in Vegas, and most infamously reported upon when Roy Horn was left permanently injured after an incident during a show.

There are conflicting reports that the new series might be of a less flash, sensationalised nature than the original Tiger King, though a series about Siegfried and Roy would seem to indicate that it'll certainly dig into more tabloid material. And what of Horn, who died last week from complications of Covid-19?

You can understand why Netflix might want to keep the Tiger train rolling, and it'll be fascinating to see how the series evolves assuming the Siegfried & Roy show makes it to screens.

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