Netflix Horror Series 1899 Trailer Shows Passengers Boarding A Mysterious Ship


by Owen Williams |

If you’re a fan of the creepy German-language mystery series Dark, there are more scares sailing towards you from Netflix. Dark’s creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are about to unveil the rather intense looking 1899, and in anticipation, the latest trailer has just docked. "What is lost will be found," runs the tagline. But that may not be good news for everyone...

The series takes place in, reasonably enough, 1899, when migrant ship the Kerberos sets sail on what's supposed to be a simple crossing from Southampton to New York. As you'll have seen from the above, however, the voyage is interrupted by the reappearance of the Prometheus, thought lost some months previously. There's a detour to intercept, but the outcome is far from straightforward. Where's the Prometheus been? What are those symbols? Outside in the cold distance, the wind begins to howl. Too much confusion. Can't get no relief.

A couple of moments in the promo suggest some strong J-horror vibes, although there's the infernal scent of a Victorian Event Horizon too. But if you're familiar with Dark, you should know to expect the unexpected as Friese and Odar's latest nightmare plays out. Kerberos, incidentally, is the multi-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades in Greek mythology. And Prometheus is the hapless celestial who tried to steal fire from the other gods and was condemned to an eternity of torment for his trouble. So make of that what you will...

The cast includes Dark's Andreas Pietschmann, along with Emily Beecham, Anton Lesser, Aneurin Barnard, Miguel Bernardeau and Maciej Musiał, and 1899's eight episodes pull into port on Netflix from 17 November.

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