Neill Blomkamp Says He’s Writing District 10

District 9

by James White |
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Since launching onto cinema screens in a big way with the inventive, fun and satirical District 9, Neill Blomkamp has often been asked about a potential sequel to the sci-fi film. He's talked up the possibility in the past, while concentrating on other projects. Now, he's taken to twitter to announce that he's at work on a script for District 10.

As he mentions, Blomkamp is once again collaborating with co-writer/wife Terri Tatchell, while his regular performer Sharlto Copley also has a hand in the script, since his Wikus Van De Merwe was a focal point of the original film, itself adapted from Blomkamp's short work. District 9. The story then saw low-level Multinational United employee Wikus tasked with relocating aliens (colloquially and dismissively nicknamed "prawns") from the camp they've been living in to a new area further from human society. It does not, to be blunt, go Wikus', but he ends up empathizing with the creatures in a way he never expected. The movie ends with the aliens moved to a new camp, yet with two of their number escaping the planet in the mothership that brought them in the first place, leaving the door open to plenty of sequel opportunities.

Copley talked to Empire back in 2010 about the plans for sequels, so this has been a while in the works. "Neil wants it and I want it," he said. "Neil's doing another film first. Then I think if everything goes according to plan we'll do the second film in about two years time. That story can go in so many different ways. There¹s a whole universe. I'm sure a lot of writers say that, but we actually have an entire universe." Obviously, it didn't happen quite so quickly, but now he's digging in.

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