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Neil Gaiman

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One of Neil Gaiman's best-loved books, American Gods, is due to hit TV screens next year. But he's now also shepherding an original fantasy series, stepping aboard as executive producer on The Building.

The plot for the potential new show, in development at 20th Century Fox TV, sounds an awful lot like 1990s parallel realities series Sliders. In The Building, a group of young urban explorers are rooting through an old skyscraper when it suddenly shifts into a different version of Earth, one where Ronald Reagan didn't become president and Russia dropped the bomb. They have a limited amount of time to figure out the situation and rescue members of their team from new threats when the building moves again... leaving them to wonder if they'll ever get back to their own reality.

For all its Sliders-like qualities, the series will actually be based on a film called Parallels, directed by Chris Leone from a story he wrote with Laura Harkom. While Gaiman and Angry Films duo Don Murphy and Susan Montford are producers, Leone was involved in the development with Gaiman and Albert Kim. And it's Kim who will be running the show if it scores a home on US TV.

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