Neal Purvis & Robert Wade Reportedly Back For Bond 24

And shooting may be delayed to December


by James White |
Published on

So far, the Making Of story around Bond 24 has been one of changes and turnabouts, and it appears at least one more twist has appeared in the tale. According to Baz Bamigboye, veteran Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been drafted in to punch up John Logan’s script for the new movie.

The pair appeared to have been dumped back in late 2012 when it was announced that Logan, who co-wrote Skyfall across different drafts to the pair, would be tackling both 24 and 25 as a two-part story, though that has apparently since been narrowed down to just one new film. Purvis and Wade, who have been with the franchise since The World Is Not Enough, were reportedly off to pursue other projects, including a job on the TV version of Barbarella for Nicolas Winding Refn.

Now, however, there has been a reshuffle on the writing front, with the two perhaps adding more humour to the script after John Cleese's remarks recently criticising the recent films for an overly serious approach. The changes – along with director Sam Mendes’ busy theatrical schedule – mean that the new Bond outing may not now kick off shooting until December.

How much of this will be officially confirmed remains to be seen, but Bamiboye knows whereof he speaks on Bond news. Mendes – who at one point decided to not to make the new adventure, only to return later – has already been out to scout locations, so the 007 machine keeps rolling along.

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