National Treasure 3 Has Writers

Prince of Persia boys get the gig

National Treasure 3 Has Writers

by Owen Williams |
Published on

We're sorry to break the news to those of you that didn't know, but National Treasure 3 is happening. It's really a no-brainer: $800m in box office receipts for the first two films (National Treasure in 2004 and the sequel, Book of Secrets, in 2007) means there's life in the franchise yet. Jerry Bruckheimer is keen to go, Nicolas Cage presumably likewise, and Coming Soon have discovered that Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro are at work, right now, on the script.

Bernard and Miro are doing well in Camp Bruckheimer lately, with Prince of Persia and **The **Sorceror's Apprentice under their belts (the latter starring Cage and directed by John Turteltaub, who made the NTs). The direction of the story isn't yet known, but we're betting it will involve esoteric clues, logical dexterity, PG-rated derring-do and wonky reinterpretations of American history. No word yet either on whether Turteltaub, Jon Voight, Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger and, from Book of Secrets, Helen Mirren will be back. But a family atmosphere and a decent payday might suggest the odds are on "yes".

We're already predicting a solid two stars, but to be honest, the National Treasures, goofy as they are, are a lot more fun than the Dan Brown films. Better this than the inevitable The Lost Symbol.

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