Natalie Portman Says Bring Your Own

She's pitching a raunchy comedy

Natalie Portman Says Bring Your Own

by James White |
Published on

Could Natalie Portman be looking to knock Judd Apatow from his throne as ruler o’ raunch? Could her sweary rapper character from that SNL digital short be spurring her to take over his gig? Er… Not quite. But she does have a rude comedy in mind that she and co-writer/college friend Laura Moses are flogging around the studios.

The LA Times reports that BYO (Bring Your Own) follows two twentysomething women who are getting sick of the usual dating game. So they decide to throw a wild party to which each female attendee brings an eligible bachelor. Wackiness, one would assume, ensues. The Times quotes executives as describing it as the female equivalent of Superbad.

Portman will be wearing her producer’s hat for this one, but like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies before it (at least until she dropped out of that), she’s planning to star. Plus she apparently has Anne Hathaway considering taking the other main role.

Given the talent attached, you’d expect this one to be snapped up quickly, though several studios have apparently already passed. But should she get spurned by the big leagues, it’s entirely possible Portman could drum up some financing independently…

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