Natalie Portman’s An Astronaut For The Lucy In The Sky Teaser

Lucy In The Sky

by James White |
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Blasting off into space and staring at that shiny marble we call home sounds like a grand adventure, and some people embrace it fully{ =nofollow}. But what if the experience leaves you less able to appreciate normal life back on Earth? That's the core, based-on-a-weird-true-story concept behind Lucy In The Sky, which stars Natalie Portman. The film has its first teaser online.

Directed by Legion and Fargo man Noah Hawley, Lucy In The Sky finds Portman as Lucy Cola (no idea if her parents are called Pepsi and Coca), a shuttle astronaut out on a spacewalk, who has a transcendent experience while staring at the world and the universe around her. Deeply affected by what she's seen, when she touches down she starts to lose touch with reality in a world that seems too small. Lucy starts an affair with fellow NASA type Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm), and the story spirals from there.

It's all inspired by an unusual, actual tale, that of former NASA officer Lisa Marie Nowak, who was arrested for attempting to kidnap a romantic rival in 2007. Legion's Dan Stevens also appears alongside Zazie Beetz, Pearl Amanda Dickson and Ellen Burstyn.

And refreshingly in an age of footage blips and Instagram-ready mini-bites, this is a teaser that actually runs longer than some trailers, clocking in at just over two and a half minutes. Imagine that... It's enough to spin your brain.

The film will be in cinemas this year, though no formal date has been announced.

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