Mudbound Director Dee Rees Tackling An Uncivil War

Dee Rees

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Following its success at Sundance, director Dee Rees' Mudbound was picked up by Netflix and arrives next month. She's now in the process of setting up her next film, tackling more thorny issues and titled An Uncivil War.

The movie will chronicle the battle to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which saw Gloria Steinem and activist lawyer Florynce "Flo" Kennedy, and other leaders of the Women's movement going up against conservative organiser Phyllis Schlafly. David Kukoff wrote the original draft of the script, which Rees has since worked on with the backing of FilmNation Entertainment.

"I’m particularly interested in digging into the messiness of the women’s movement–the many different alliances that were formed and fractured and exploring who got left behind vs. who got remembered," Rees tells Deadline. "The richness and texture of this story lie in the complicated bargains struck and broken in the imperfect, stuttering trajectory toward equality. Thrilled that FilmNation let me put my own spin on the script and I’m going to have a lot of fun putting together another amazing ensemble cast to ignite it."

Mudbound, as mentioned, will be available on Netflix from 17 November.

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