MTV Films Buys Psycho Funky Chimp

A Pez dispenser comedy drama

by empire |
Published on

When you see a title like Psycho Funky Chimp, what’s the first thought that dashes through your mind? A wacky romp about a serial killing disco chimp? The name to use on your MySpace page?

If it’s the first, then you’re sadly mistaken. The second – forget it, we’re taking it for our dog’s page. But it is a film title – and ads director Ruben Fleischer has signed up to helm it.

Based on Michael Bacall’s script, it tracks a 26-year-old man who buys the titular item – an ultra-rare Pez dispenser. When he discovers that everyone from thieves, shameless collectors and drooling fanboys are after it, he wonders whether he’s ready to grow up.

With MTV Films and Old School director Todd Philips producing, it’ll start shooting as soon as there’s a cast on board.

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