Mr. Smith Goes To Washington?

Will Will be President in the next 'Willennium'?

by Willow Green |
Published on

Not content with making some pretty good movies and some pretty bad records, Will Smith has another career in mind. The Men In Black star said recently, 'I've always thought I'd like to become America's first black president - but I've got a lot of other things I've got to do first.' As an actor Smith is linked to the biopic of another black star who was thought to have political potential, boxer Muhammad Ali. Smith's political ambitions have been brought to public attention due to his plans to spend millennium eve at the Whitehouse. 'I will be spending New Year with the Clintons,' he said, 'and I think I could get a taste for it.' So we can assume he's a Democrat at heart. Smith joins a long list of actors who have been rumoured to be running for President at some point in the future, the most prominent candidates being Warren Beatty, Tom Hanks, Cybill Shepherd and, if the law which says that nominees must be US-born changes, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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