Movie Tie-Ins Cause Problems

by empire |
Published on

Promotional movie tie-ins for children in the States have been problematic in recent weeks. First there was Nestl who brought out an Armageddon tie-in called The Nuclear Chocolate Bar with a wrapper bearing the phrase The Chocolate Chain Reaction surrounding a symbol of an exploding planet. This prompted the Los Angeles anti-nuclear group Alliance for Survival to say it "desensitizes children to the horrors of nuclear danger." Then Burger King had to pull expensive TV ads from kids cartoon shows tied in with Friday's release of Small Soldiers. The film has a PG-13 rating, and the junk food chain's kiddie meals, which came with plastic Small Soldiers, are usually sold to kids aged 2-8. Cue pamphlets and wall posters warning, "The movie Small Soldiers may contain material that is inappropriate for younger children. An alternative toy is available upon request." More trouble looms, though, with the soldiers themselves, some of which have weapons - something bound to spark protests from anti-war toy organisations. Meanwhile Hershey have fallen foul of the lack of sustained interest in Godzilla - their second quarter profits are down and the company has blamed the range of Godzilla sweets they produced.

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