A Movie For A Song

Producer buys the rights to a country hit

by Willow Green |
Published on

Ray Charles always had a soft spot for country music because, he said, of the stories that the songs told. Whether they're singing about a cheatin' heart, an achy-break heart, friends in low places or just a woman determined to stand next to her chap, you can't fault those country folks for their adherence to the narrative form. No wonder, then, that a Hollywood producer has bought the rights to Tim McGraw's Grammy-nominated song Live Like You Were Dying. The song was written shortly after McGraw's father died, and tells the story of a man who starts living life to the fullest only after he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. The film based on the song will deal generally with the topic of death, rather than focusing on McGraw's family. Still, it's all a change from films based on games. Obviously the story will have to be fleshed out somewhat, but we're sure that there'll still be room for plaid shirts, rocking chairs and guitars. Now, if y'all will excuse us, we go'n' find us a line dance and a bottle of rye. Ye haw!

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