Morgan Freeman Is A Dirty Old Man?

Surely not, even in a new Segal comedy

Morgan Freeman Is A Dirty Old Man?

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Morgan Freeman, a man who boasts so much gravitas that he got away with explaining Wanted's Loom of Fate without sounding stupid, is set to play a Dirty Old Man in his next film (assuming it keeps its working title), with Peter "Get Smart" Segal ready to direct.

The story centres on two playboys, one played by Freeman. When his best friend finally falls in love after forty years of playing the field, Freeman does everything he can to sabotage the match, in a scenario they describe as "Wedding Crashers meets 40 Year-Old Virgin". Kinda sounds rather a lot like My Best Friend's Wedding with old men if you ask us, but without the karaoke (probably).

Josh Cagan (Bandslam, which isn't quite as bad as its poster would have you believe) and Greg Coolidge (Employee of the Month, which is as bad as the poster suggested) wrote the script, and everyone's hoping that Freeman's Bucket List co-star Jack Nicholson will sign on to play the aging playboy himself. Hmm, there's casting against type.

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