Monks On The Run

by Willow Green |
Published on

We've had Nuns on the Run, the ropey Robbie Coltrane alleged comedy about crooks on the run from the law masquerading as nuns to avoid capture. Now meet Monks on the Run - a comedy about... well, crooks on the run from the law masquerading as monks to avoid capture. Based on novel by John Fergus Ryan, The Little Brother of St Mortimer, it's set to star Antonio Banderas, Bob Hoskins, Randy Travis, Ellen Barkin, Swoozie Kurtz and Beau Bridges, and the lovable con-people are posing as monks collecting for blind children. Banderas and Hoskins are the con-men in question; Bridges and Kurtz will play Daddy and Mommy Weed; Barkin a blind hooker and Travis a bumbling sheriff. Mambo Kings director Arne Glimcher is set to tell people where to stand, from a script by David Leland - who wrote Wish You Were Here.

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