PROMOTION: Win Access To An Exclusive Video Storytelling Course With M&M’S® Chocolate

M&M'S Short Film Festival

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Created by Empire for M&M’S Chocolate.

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! Are you keen to break into the world of cinema? Want to put together your first short film, but not sure where to start? Or have you dipped your toe into directing already, but are looking for help to get you to the next level? Then we have something very exciting to tell you about…

To celebrate the M&M’S Short Film Festival, which aims to uplift diverse voices by giving them the chance to win funding for their short-film idea (read more about that here), Empire and M&M’S are giving YOU, the next generation of filmmakers, the chance to win access to an exclusive Video Storytelling course.


In partnership with M&M’S Chocolate, the course will take place in London across one day, giving you a chance to take part in an immersive workshop. Delivered by award-winning training provider Bauer Academy, you will learn the very best, most up-to-date video storytelling techniques, as well as production tips (ie. actually making that movie idea a reality!) and invaluable industry insight – all designed to help you showcase your creativity and individuality.

The training will include group activities and exercises, hands-on practical skills sessions, and an interactive Q&A with industry experts, letting you flex those movie-making muscles with a group of like-minded people. Plus, there’s a big focus on online content creation and working from your phone – a great, accessible way to get started with telling your stories.

Here’s a more detailed look at what will be covered:

Morning Session: Storytelling Techniques

Introduction to storytelling: Understanding the power of storytelling and its impact.

Finding your voice: Exploring personal narratives and experiences that resonate.

Storyboarding: Learning how to plan and structure a video story effectively.

Connecting authentically with audiences: Tips on engaging viewers emotionally.

Special guest: Video producers from KISS and a finalist from the M&M’S Short Film Festival will share storytelling insights and success stories.

Afternoon Session: Practical Skills

Smartphone utilisation: Tips and tricks on best apps for video capture and editing.

Basic shooting skills: Including angles, movement, and other techniques.

Framing and composition: Understanding how to frame shots for maximum impact.

Audio capture: Techniques for capturing clear and immersive audio.

Basic editing: Introduction to video-editing software and the power of the edit.

Adding effects: Exploring basic video effects to enhance storytelling.

We’re offering up to 20 people the chance to take part in this workshop. So, whether you see yourself as the next Spielberg, Sciamma or Scorsese, apply now via the form below, and secure your spot! Please note, T&Cs apply.


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