Mission Unaccomplished

Suddenly Red Planet doesn't seem so bad...

by Willow Green |
Published on

Last night the much-awaited blockbuster from Brian de Palma Mission to Mars had its world premiere in LA. But cast and audience were divided in their reactions to the multi-million dollar pic. One reviewer staggered out of the cinema on Hollywood Boulevard with this conclusion, 'it combines the kind of schmaltz that would makes a Star Trek fan retch with some stunning special effects.' At the after-party in a former Masonic lodge, the space theme was continued, but with a less-than-celestial star count – aside from the leads, only Tim Allen and Wesley Snipes attracted the paparazzo’s attention.Even NASA kept its distance although a few real life astronauts were to be spotted in the crowd. Buzz Aldrin, someone who is less than fond of being referred to as 'the second man on the moon,' generously said the movie 'lacked reality, especially the part with astronauts removing their helmets in space.' As for the Hollywood astronauts, Don Cheadle said he 'judges a film by the audience reaction, so I’m very pleased tonight.' He also described the film as 'having some classic De Palmaesque moments.' Perhaps he was referring to Bonfire of the Vanities. Tim Robbins warmed immediately to Empire's correspondent, thanking the magazine and its readers for all their support with The Shawshank Redemption. Asked about his role in the movie, Robbins called his character 'a space cowboy. He’s a great pilot but he has a wild side to him.' Acknowledging this was a 'departure' from his goofy/indie films roles, he added, 'It was fun. I enjoyed doing an action adventure movie.' Whether the paying public will enjoy it quite as much remains to be seen.

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