Minnie Driver Lands Hail Mary

A new, quirky crime procedural pilot

Minnie Driver Lands Hail Mary

by James White |
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As the American TV networks hunt around for what they hope might be the next batch of popular shows for this autumn’s schedule, it appears that British actors are still heavily in demand. Hot on the heels of Jason Isaacs scoring a new pilot yesterday comes word that Minnie Driver is headed back to TV for a show called Hail Mary.

Well, we say show – but like Isaacs’ gig, it’s also just a pilot. And, like that potential series, it also offers a twist on the police genre. Because if there’s one thing that stops US TV network executives from lying awake sweating with fear at night, it’s the idea that there really is one more idea to be wrung from crossbreeding crime-solving with other plotlines.

In this case, Driver will be playing a suburban housewife who teams up with a cunning hustler to catch murders, robbers and the like. Hey – it worked for Nathan Fillion’s Castle, which has a crime novelist helping the cops to find killers…

And Driver will be crossing her fingers that it finds some traction, though she might also, in the back of her mind, still wish that her last stab at TV – crook family drama The Riches – made it past two seasons.

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