Miley Cyrus Gets Wings

She'll play a pretty fairy

Miley Cyrus Gets Wings

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

If you are over 15, it's possible you've managed to avoid the whole Miley Cyrus phenomenon. If you're under 15, it's almost certain that you haven't, for which our sympathies. In any case, she's one of the world's biggest stars (among a certain segment of the population) and she's signed on to star in Wings.

The adaptation of the young adult novel by the improbably named Aprilynne Pike sees Cyrus set to play Laurel, a 15 year-old who has always been homeschooled but is set to go to school for the first time. While she's trying to adjust to high school, her suspicion that she's not like other kids is given a basis when she sprouts wings and discovers she's a fairy (and really, we can all identify with that).

There's a love triangle in the book between Laurel, human David and immortal love interest Tamani, meaning that this is likely to aim for somewhere between Cyrus' traditional teen market and the Twilight audience. The book was published in May and is the first of a planned series, inevitably, so this could become a Miley franchise to replace her current Hannah Montana run.

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