Miles Teller Set For The Life And Times Of The Stopwatch Gang

Ruben Fleischer is directing the real-life crime tale

Miles Teller Set For The Life And Times Of The Stopwatch Gang

by James White |
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Looks like all that J.K. Simmons-powered hectoring in Whiplash hasn’t led Miles Teller to greatness, it’s pushed him towards a life of crime. Of cinematic wrongdoing, at least, as he’s now attached to **The Life And Times Of The Stopwatch Gang **along with director Ruben Fleischer.

Universal is producing this one, having won the rights to an Atavist article by Josh Dean that chronicles the real-life team of bank robbers. So successful where they that they were able to make off with millions during the 1980s and become the most feared heist merchants of their time without ever firing a shot. And that nickname? It comes from the fact that they pulled off their crimes quickly, not that they kept looking at their stopwatches as tellers filled sacks with money.

Despite his obvious name advantage, Teller will likely be one of the robbers, not someone working for a bank. He’s also on to produce the film alongside Fleischer, Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark. The next step will be to find a writer.

Teller will be back to his less wholesome ways as Peter in sequel The Divergent Series: Insurgent, out here on March 20. But he’ll follow that with a more heroic turn in Fantastic Four, with the superhero reboot outing headed our way on August 6.

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