Mila Kunis Joins Ted

She's on for Seth McFarlane's comedy

Mila Kunis Joins Ted

by James White |
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Despite Natalie Portman scooping several acting awards and all manner of acclaim for her work in Black Swan, Mila Kunis’ twisted performance as Lily is not going unnoticed. She’ll be taking a break from crazed ballerina action to switch back to comedy for a new job, as she’s negotiating to join the cast of Seth McFarlane’s Ted.

You might recall that the film focuses on a boy wishing that his teddy bear would spring to life and be his bestest friend forever and ever and ever. Well, he gets his Christmas blessing, but once he turns into a man trying to live as a grown-up, he discovers that it’s more of a curse.

See, while he still has the bear around, our hero (Mark Wahlberg) is more annoyed than charmed by the chain-smoking, criminal, vulgar, crippling toy.

Kunis is on to play Wahlberg’s girlfriend, who wishes that he’d ditch the bear and start thinking about settling down properly. Troubles with the teddy lead her into the arms of her slimy, womanizing boss, a role now being circled by Step Brothers' Adam Scott.

Family Guy creator McFarlane seems to be mining the show to help with his film directorial debut - Kunis is a regular voice performer on the series and he co-wrote the script with Guy staff members Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. Oh, and he's voicing the teddy. He’s aiming to start shooting next year, though there’s no date set yet.

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