Mighty Mouse Reboot Flying Again

Here comes (again) to save the day…

Mighty Mouse Reboot Flying Again

by James White |
Published on

Vintage ‘toon hero Mighty Mouse might be able to save rodent damsels in distress from evil cats, but it was looking like nothing could save a new take on the character from development hell. Then along came the Chipmunks loaded with success and cash and suddenly Paramount thinks it really should push ahead with bringing the pint-sized Superman spoof back.

A new film based on the character has been in the works for years over at Paramount subsidiary Nickelodeon Movies. The companies have been planning a CG MM, with various writers including Brian and Mark Gunn (who worked on** Journey To The Centre Of The Earth**) bashing out scripts.

But in this post-Chipmunk world, the studio is naturally itching to tap into that market, so don’t be surprised if the small hero’s new adventure is a blend of animation and live-action.

With its instantly recognisable theme tune (we particularly like Andy Kaufman’s "performance" of it, a version of which you can hear in Man On The Moon) and long history, Mighty Mouse would seem to be a prime candidate for a family-friendly franchise. And, according to the LA Times, new writers and a possible director are being lined up, so expect this one to heat up quickly…

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