Michelle Williams Will Be Part Of Venom

Michelle Williams

by James White |
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It may not have the direct connection to the Marvel universe enjoyed by Spider-Man: Homecoming, but to compensate, the developing Venom stand-alone movie is gathering quite the impressive cast. The latest addition, assuming all the deals work out, is Michelle Williams.

Tom Hardy is in place to star as is journalist Eddie Brock, the journalist with whom an alien symbiote merges, transforming him into one of Spidey's signature villains. Quite what the story is remains to be seen (we doubt Tom Holland will show up, but you never know), and Riz Ahmed is also in the film.

Williams' character wasn't revealed, but we're mostly just surprised to see her pop up in a superhero film. Perhaps she was tempted by whatever writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner have cooked up or the vision pitched by director Ruben Fleischer. Or maybe Sony just promised to back a dump truck full of money up to her house; she's not made of stone, after all.

Venom has staked out a 5 October 2018 release date. As for her other work, Williams has The Greatest Showman opening on 1 January and kidnap drama All The Money In The World due 5 January.

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