Michael Stuhlbarg Joins Story Of Your Life

He'll co-star with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in the sci-fi drama


by James White |
Published on

Often brought in to offer character flavour to films such as Men In Black 3, Lincoln, Hugo and Blue Jasmine, Michael Stuhlbarg has also scored some prime leading man roles, such as in The Coens’ A Serious Man. He’ll be one of the main parts in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film **Story Of Your Life{ =nofollow}.

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are already aboard for the film, written by Eric Heisserer. The story of Story follows the Twilight Zone-esque tale of aliens landing on Earth and the military calling in linguistics specialist Dr. Louise Banks (Adams) to communicate with the occupants of the interplanetary craft. As she explores their language and mindset, Dr. Banks figures out how to think as they do, developing the ability to "chrono-synclastically" perceive time from the outside. In a nutshell, she's able to "remember" the future, which has implications, since she can see the ultimate fate of her currently unborn daughter, as well as knowing more about the new arrivals’ intentions.

Stuhlbarg will be CIA Agent Halpern, brought in to monitor the international aspects of the project. Villeneuve is rolling the cameras now and the film should be out next year. Next up for Stuhlbarg is Danny Boyle’s** Steve Jobs** (set for release on November 13) and Trumbo, which finds Bryan Cranston playing the blacklisted film writer. That one will be with us on January 22 next year.

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