Michael Caton-Jones Finds The Giant Under The Snow

He's adapting the fantasy tome


by James White |
Published on

Big fantasy films aimed at younger audiences can be a dicey proposition, especially in this era of dystopian adaptations and romance epics. But Michael Caton-Jones is ready to shoulder the challenge of **The Giant Under The Snow.

Caton-Jones is developing the screenplay alongside Tom Williams, working from John Gordon’s book. The film finds three young heroes discovering a rusted old relic one Christmas, an artifact that contains a dark power. They’re soon plunging into a strange world of ancient magic and terrifying evil, racing against the clock to return the relic to its rightful owner before their enemies can retrieve it. The reason for the rush? The item can wake a legendary creature slumbering beneath the snow, one that can be used either as a force for good or for terrible destruction.

No casting has taken place yet, but the co-writer/director wants the film ready to shoot this October at Pinewood, Shepperton and on location in the UK. He already has his most recent film, Urban Hymn, idling on the starting line, awaiting a release date.

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