MGM Considering Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Sequel now being discussed

Hot Tub Time Machine

by James White |
Published on

Just before MGM entered the dormant period brought on by crushing financial problems, the company made one last gasp attempt at the box office, releasing H****ot Tub Time Machine into the world. While it didn’t exactly rake in the cash, the film has been boosted by success in the home entertainment market and now a rebounding MGM is looking into a sequel.

The original saw four unhappy men – played by Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, John Cusack and Clark Duke – stepping into the titular magic whirlpool, which transports them back to a fateful night in the 1980s and offers them a chance to change their lives.

It’s early days for any follow-up, though according to the Hollywood Reporter, MGM is talking to Corddry, Duke and Robinson about coming back for more. Cusack isn’t currently involved. And Corddry may do more than star this time: he’s being approached to possibly co-write the script with Steve Pink, who directed the first film and is in talks to fill the folding chair once more.

Of course, there no details on what they might get up to this time around just yet, since the script is merely a twinkle in the studio’s eye. But if it does get made,expect it to channel the same rude, mad spirit that drove the original.

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