The Mechanic Trailer Revs Up

Jason Statham is a killer with a mission

The Mechanic Trailer Revs Up

by James White |
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Jason Statham being Jason Statham. Is there any other reason you need to want to watch his latest chunk of action, The Mechanic? Thought not. But for those of you still in need of a little convincing, the new trailer has arrived online over at MSN.

A remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson pic, The Mechanic finds The Stath as the unlikely-named Arthur Bishop. While he sounds like he should be a frustrated house-husband in an Australian soap, he’s actually a top hit man (“mechanic” is a slang term for the job, which involves fixing slightly more morally complicated problems than a worn fan belt.)

Arthur does his best work alone, but then, after someone close to him is taken out, he finds an apprentice in the man’s son, Steve (Ben Foster). And soon the pair is on a revenge mission against those responsible. Cue lots of shooting, lots of explosions and lots of Statham growling “I’m coming for you!” in his inimitable style.

Ben Foster should be good for some intense fun, and Simon West is behind the camera. Back when the teaser appeared, the film lacked a distributor. But now we know it will be released via Lionsgate in the UK on January 28.

Go take a look at the trailer and decide if it’ll live up to the usual Statham standard. Or down, depending on your attitude to the man’s work…

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