McG Talks Terminator Salvation

Director on the look and the story

McG Talks Terminator Salvation

by Olly Richards |
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With the teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation getting great reaction in cinemas and online, McG has been gabbing on the movie's official blog about the story and look of the film.

Of the aesthetic for the fourth Terminator movie, McG says, "We're shooting the film on color stock but are using a method inspired by the Oz process which was developed at Technicolor by Mike Zacharia and Bob Olson. Basically we are adding three times as much silver. It creates a surreal texture that is in keeping with the notion of the entire picture - feeling detached from the world we know today." So, that'll be nice.

McG also says that he and Christian Bale have been entering into extensive collaboration on the story and that they're committing to story over action – an encouraging statement, even if it is one used by a lot of directors who, well, clearly don't put story before action. He describes the plot, which takes place during the battle between humans and robots that follows Judgement Day, as "a Prometheus tale really, how creating life creates real responsibility - and if left unchecked, can be our undoing."

McG's managed to turn a good proportion of his online detractors around with his casting and visual decisions on this movie. The guy's gone from internet pariah to potential fan favourite. All he has to do now is deliver on the promise that this movie's so far showing. No pressure.

You can read the rest of the blog here.

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