McConaughey & Mendes Are Southbound

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McConaughey & Mendes Are Southbound

by Helen O'Hara |
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Quick quiz question: if Matthew McConaughey usually takes his shirt off in the first 30 seconds of a rom-com, how long will it take him to disrobe in an indie drama set on the US border with Mexico? We'll find out in Southbound, in which McConaughey is set to star with Eva Mendes.

The film's set to be directed by Secuestro Express' Jonathan Jakubowicz, based on a script by Peter Craig, who's writing the upcoming Cowboy Bebop and also Ben Affleck's next directorial effort The Town.

It tells the story of a US Border Patrol agent (McConaughey) who accepts a bribe from a beautiful Mexican woman (Mendes). As you'd imagine, that never ends well, and sure enough he ends up putting his family in danger as he becomes embroiled in a conflict between Mexican crime families and the US immigration police.

Shooting's due to start in September, which gives you plenty of time to watch this in the interim.

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