Max Borenstein On To Write Godzilla Sequel

He's back with the big beasts

Max Borenstein On To Write Godzilla Sequel

by James White |
Published on


Max Borenstein clearly has a thing for gigantic beasts raging around. He was one of the main credited writers on Legendary and Warner Bros’ Godzilla and was recently announced as the screenwriter of the Legendary’s stab at the King Kong mythology,** Skull Islan****d**. So it probably shouldn’t be too surprising that he’s set to write the Godzilla sequel, taking aim at a 2018 release date.

Given that distant release date, it's not surprising that very little is known about the film yet. But with Gareth Edwards once more in the director’s chair, there have been hints that classic Godzilla-botherers Mothra (huge insect) Rodan (giant Pteradon) and Ghidorah (alien dragon) will be the big threats this time around.

Of course, one of the big complaints about this year’s outing for the giant creature was the lack of much action from the Big G himself. Hopefully that will be rectified in the sequel.

Despite his seemingly busy schedule, Borenstein will have time to write both **Skull Island **– which recently scored Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct and Tom Hiddleston to star – and Godzilla 2, because meanwhile Edwards himself is busy working on one of the Star Wars spin-off movies.

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