Matthew Vaughn Attached To I Am Pilgrim

He wants to direct and produce the espionage thriller

Matthew Vaughn Attached To I Am Pilgrim

by James White |
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Though he’s busy developing the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service that he’ll likely shoot next year, Matthew Vaughn is also investigating other corners of the espionage world. He’s now agreed to direct and produce an adaptation of Terry Hayes’ novel I Am Pilgrim for MGM{ =nofollow}.

Hayes, a scriptwriter whose name is on films such as two Mad Max entries (The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome), Dead Calm, Payback and From Hell, took his first stab at novels with Pilgrim last year, which became a huge bestseller. He’s now working on a second novel in the series and will also craft the initial version of the movie’s screenplay.

**I Am Pilgrim **follows the adopted son of a rich American family who used to lead a covert operations unit for US intelligence. Enjoying himself in anonymous retirement, he’s called back to work on an unusual investigation, one that leads him to uncover a nefarious terrorist plot that threatens all of the States. Soon he’s in a race against time to stop the villain.

MGM is clearly hoping this one leads to a franchise, and it would be fun to see Vaughn make another type of spy film after the success of Kingsman. You’d think MGM would be happy with just one healthy spy franchise though, what with its stake in the Bond films…

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