Matthew McConaughey Could Be The Company Man

Circling a hot script


by James White |
Published on

With an Oscar in his hand thanks to Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey has plenty of options open to him, but also the responsibility to find something that lives up to his award-winning status. He’s got several projects on the go and is now circling a hot script called **The Company Man.

While industry talk like “circling” always makes us picture actors sniffing around a script on the ground like a cat figuring out if it should eat some dropped food, he’s actually looking to turn the script into a film, throwing his two cents in on who might direct it.

Andrew Cypiot’s screenplay is based on the true story of CIA agent Edwin Wilson, who snuck behind enemy lines to secure a weapons contract and report the details to his bosses just after the Cold War. But his heady rise in the company ranks was suddenly brought crashing down to earth when the agency changed its policies. Unwilling to stop his spycraft ways, he ended up public enemy number one at the US Attorney’s office. It sounds like a good role for McConaughey, and another different character to play. Yet he’s not definitely decided if he wants to do it yet, so it could always vanish back into development limbo.

On the more concrete McConaughey front, he’s signed on to make Gus Van Sant’s Sea Of Trees and is still potentially returning for the **Magic Mike **sequel. He’ll next be seen in Interstellar, out on November 7.

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