Matt Damon Takes Aim In Elysium Shot

First official pic from Blomkamp sci-fi

Matt Damon Takes Aim In Elysium Shot

by Owen Williams |
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It'll be part of Sony's presentation at ComicCon in a couple of weeks, but we still know admirably little about Neill Blomkamp's Elysium. There was some viral activity a year or so ago, at which point we confidently predicted a constant drip of further information. Nope. Aside from a bit of plot synopsis from a test screening, we're still pretty much in the dark, but the first spark of enlightenment has just arrived courtesy of EW. Here's a look at a shaven-headed Matt Damon, wielding a very big gun of some sort.

Is CHEMRAIL the new OCP? Is that a bionic arm? No idea.

Elysium is, of course, Blomkamp's long-awaited follow-up to District 9. Set in the year 2159, it's about the oppressed people of the ruined planet Earth versus the privileged elite aboard the Elysium space station, and what happens when the terrans fight for equality.

Damon is ex-convict man-on-a-mission Max, and Jodie Foster is the dastardly government official intent on enforcing anti-immigration laws and keeping Elysium for the Elysians. Sharlto Copley, William Fichtner and Alice Braga are also in the mix in still-unspecified roles, with Diego Luna as Damon's best friend and Wagner Moura as a villain.

The legendary Syd Mead designed the sets, and Elysium will finally be released in March next year.

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