Marvin The Martian Film Coming!

Where's the kaboom? Right here!

Marvin The Martian Film Coming!

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Bring us our Illudium Q-36 Exploding Space Modulator at once! Marvin the Martian, perhaps the greatest cartoon villain (at least on TV) ever, is getting his own movie at last. The diminutive but determined Martian has charmed viewers since his days battling Bugs Bunny and Duck Dodgers (in the 24th-and-a-half century), but now he gets his own outing.

The plan for the film, which will blend live action and CGI, is for Marvin to come to Earth to destroy Christmas - only for his plans to go awry when he's trapped in a gift box. Sadly, this means we won't have the cartoons' lovely 2D lines and primary colours, but fingers crossed the weedy voice and belligerent attitude remain intact.

The film's being developed by production company Alcon and Warner Bros (obviously), and they're planning to aim it at the family market - which we're hoping does not translate into "fart gags and the occasional pop-culture reference. Let's just hope that whoever they hire to write and direct gets it right or we'll be so angry, very angry indeed. Remember, people, there's supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!

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