Marvel Working On What If Animated Series For Disney+

Marvel What If comic

by James White |
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One of the quirkier corners of the Marvel Comicbook universe is the anthology series What If, which allows writers and artists to speculate on alternate universe versions of characters and stories for one-off titles. Now Disney and Marvel is planning to bring that idea to the MCU – or, the MCTVU, perhaps – through an animated series on the Mouse House's streaming service.

Originally launched in 1977, the What If series has published sporadically tackled a variety of intriguing questions such as What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor? (which, according to Slash Film, is one of the titles under serious consideration). Others have included What if Wolverine had killed the Hulk? What if Captain America had been found in 1983? What if the Hulk always has Bruce Banner's brain (something the movies have touched upon).

The planned series' animated status means it would be that much easier to rope in talent from the movies (because the show will draw primarily from the MCU), so we can potentially expect the likes of Chris Evans and Tom Hiddlestonalready attached to a Loki show on the service – giving voice to their iconic characters.

Marvel has been expanding its TV presence even as its partnership with Netflix comes to a close. In addition to the live-action shows in the works at Disney+, the company recently announced a set of other animated series based on streaming service Hulu.

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