Mark Ruffalo Is Talking About A Columbo Movie

Less a plan than a hope right now.


by Helen O'Hara |
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This is not quite a rumour, because there are comments from the stars involved, but it is also not quite news, because it is a mere whisper in the wind right now. Still, since this is a project that every right-thinking human being would like to see happen, we're going to go ahead and report that Mark Ruffalo is discussing the prospect of a Columbo movie with his **Now You See Me **screenwriter Ed Solomon right now, and if Hollywood has any sense they will greenlight this sucker at once.

There's even been twitter chat about Duncan Jones directing it, presumably as R&R following the huge scale of Warcraft, which makes it even juicier a prospect, as if extra juiciness were needed. Although, again, we must stress that this is just some guys tweeting and not even remotely in the same country as an actual commitment / greenlight / production.

The once and future Hulk is, of course, a bit of a dead ringer for Peter Falk's trench-coated detective (go back and watch **Zodiac **again if you don't believe us) and has much of the same easy charm that Falk boasted.

And Columbo, for any kids out there who have somehow missed the perennial repeats, saw Peter Falk play a homicide detective with the LAPD. Perpetually rumpled and usually found fiddling with a cigar, Columbo hid a razor-sharp mind behind faux-innocent questions and folksy chat about his never-seen wife*. Famously, his investigations usually end when the prime suspect (who the audience already knows did the deed) thinks he or she has gotten rid of the pesky detective, only for Columbo to turn back and say, "Just one more thing..." before demolishing their alibi and revealing that he has figured the whole thing out. See, underneath that calm exterior he was always angry thinking.

If anyone needs us, we'll be over here writing letters to Santa and rubbing old lamps in the hope of finding a genie to make this happen. In the meantime, Ruffalo's hard at work on **Avengers: Age Of Ultron **(on which more here) and has Begin Again currently in cinemas.

*Yes, apart from the attempted spin-off series starring Kate "Captain Janeway" Mulgrew.


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