Mark Millar Launches Kapow!

Excl: He talks new British Comic-Con

Mark Millar Launches Kapow!

by Chris Hewitt |
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Good news for those of you who want to go to Comic-Con every year, but can't afford to (and who can't get tickets to our own wonderful Movie-Con): Mark Millar, the enfant terrible of comic books, is launching his own, called Kapow! Comic-Con.

"The idea behind Kapow! is to bring the San Diego experience to Central London," says Millar, talking exclusively to Empire. The event will take place at the Business Design Centre in London from April 9-10 next year. "All the studios have a massive presence here in the UK, dozens of the world's biggest comic creators are here and most of the comic-book movie adaptations are being filmed just up the road."

The event will feature guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the comics world - "You've got my Kick-Ass co-creator John Romita Jr, Batman artist Frank Quitely, Leinil Yu, Pat Mills, Kev O'Neill, Bryan Hitch, Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and pretty much every big-selling comic book writer and artist living in the UK, as well as a panel for my mag, Clint!" says Millar - and will also feature the launch of The Stan Lee Awards.

"The Stan Lee Awards are a tribute to a man who, along with Jack Kirby, is the most significant and influential comic book creator the world has ever known," says Millar. "He's our Walt Disney. We wanted to honour him with a big international ceremony. This is the comic-book Oscars..."

Interested? Then don your cape and zoom along to the official Kapow! website.Don't worry if you're not a superhero, though - it's open to geeks of all shapes and sizes.

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