Mario Van Peebles Will Unite Us

Or so we guess from his film, The Uniter

Mario Van Peebles Will Unite Us

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

There's nothing like a nice high concept sci-fi drama to start off Monday morning. Mario Van Peebles has just signed on to direct The Uniter, which must have come as a relief to the screenwriter, also Mario Van Peebles.

The story's about a political fugitive from the future (somehow doesn't have quite the ring of "killer robot from the future", does it?) who returns to our time to teach a 13 year-old how to fulfil his destiny to unite the warring factions of his time and bring about world peace. Apparently inspiration from the story comes from the fact that the Aztec calendar ends in 2012 (Well, Variety says Aztec but our research is saying Mayan; the Aztec calendar ends in 2011 according to, er, some site we found on Google) as well as being inspired by his travels in India.

Filming's due to start shooting in January, a mere 3/4 years before the end of the world. Incidentally, if the Aztecs were right it means that all the effort going into the London Olympics will have been a complete waste of time. Ah well, let's just spend it all on beer and chocolate instead, eh?

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